About Me


Post-doctoral Researcher: Food Policy



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My research interests are: food-related policy – past and present; policy integration; policy coherence; food policymaking processes and structures; and systems approaches to food more broadly (including systems thinking).

I recently started a new job at the University of Cambridge MRC Epidemiology Unit, where I will be working on The Mandala Consortium project to transform the urban food system in Birmingham


I previously worked at the University of Hertfordshire, in its Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environmental Management Research:


And at the Centre for Food Policy at City University of London; where I also did my PhD in Food Policy, and a Masters in Food and Nutrition Policy.

I have worked as a journalist specialising in food law, policy, and sustainable food, for example as a correspondent for the weekly Informa journal EU Food Law.

I have also worked in civil society, for Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming. I was deputy editor of its magazine Jellied Eel, London's 20,000-circulation free magazine about ethical eating in the capital. And a project officer on Ethical Eats - the network of restaurants and caterers that care about sustainability, running events like Nose-to-Tail Fortnight, and Urban Food Fortnight.